i dunno. a “better” direction for snoop?

[I liked this video better when I put it up a month ago – Editor]


Huckabee for President of Earth

Sure, his politics scare the s*** out of me, but this is possibly the greatest campaign ad ever. 

You Deserve The Good Life

Kanye West ft. T-Pain – The Good Life.

Merry Christmas, Mmkay?

What is Love?

Beautiful Wall Art.

My lovely friend UV, originally from Tel Aviv and now of Brooklyn, sent me this link of artwork on the Palestine/Israel separation wall.  Including some heavyweights from the art/graf world like Swoon and Banksy, their artwork is made that much more powerful by the wall they are using as a canvas.

Neighborhood Maps

Being a total geek for maps, these awesome prints from Ork Posters are beautiful and oh-so-practical. See SF, Manhattan, and Brooklyn below…