Michigan Marching Band – Beat It, Billy Jean

If you like this one, you really should check out their versions of Bohemian Rhapsody, Mr Roboto, and other hits.

Big in Germany

It’s an animatronic techno love song to a carrot. Apparently, I love sh*t that looks like it could be used to advertise fabric softener.

Metronomy – “Radio Ladio” = Happy Video

This video pleases me.  These guys must be the illegitimate love child of Devo and Pulp.

I love that it looks like it was done for $10 but it still looks great – rich colors and fun to watch.

Greatest walkoff of all time.

Featuring Lego David Bowie!

Oh Em Geee!!!! More 2 Legged Dogs / Dogs on Wheels

Kind of speechless really, view for yourself

You Deserve The Good Life

Kanye West ft. T-Pain – The Good Life.

Merry Christmas, Mmkay?