Big in Germany

It’s an animatronic techno love song to a carrot. Apparently, I love sh*t that looks like it could be used to advertise fabric softener.

George W Bush & Jacques Chirac – Amateur Erotic Fiction

Available here. So short, yet tantalizing. The love affair between the worst president ever and his French temptress.


Beatboxing Basset Hound

I have no idea what product The Beatboxing Basset Hound on this Swedish website is trying to sell, but whatever it is, I’d buy it.

Beatboxing Dog

Ok so I totally stole this from Suzanne, but still…TOMKAT!

brazilian boys dancing



i dunno. a “better” direction for snoop?

[I liked this video better when I put it up a month ago – Editor]

Huckabee for President of Earth

Sure, his politics scare the s*** out of me, but this is possibly the greatest campaign ad ever.