Desiree Palmen’s Invisible People

Coolio art – check it out

Invisible People

Hot Air Balloons.

I was kinda over both Star Wars AND hot air balloons.  But together?  Magic.

Darth Vader Balloon

Happy (Lunar) New Year

I was walking to the subway, going home from work, when I came across this shrine set out at my friendly neighborhood buddhist temple, for the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration. Lots of tasty food, but not for you! It’s for the gods, yo.

Lunar New Year

Obama Is My Dawg

Obama Dog

Turn your cat into a fox!

Kitty Wigs. Rad!

Cat Wig

Beautiful Wall Art.

My lovely friend UV, originally from Tel Aviv and now of Brooklyn, sent me this link of artwork on the Palestine/Israel separation wall.  Including some heavyweights from the art/graf world like Swoon and Banksy, their artwork is made that much more powerful by the wall they are using as a canvas.

Neighborhood Maps

Being a total geek for maps, these awesome prints from Ork Posters are beautiful and oh-so-practical. See SF, Manhattan, and Brooklyn below…




Snoop Says No.


V’s Super Rad Photo Collage

Mucho props to Stanley for making this, it is an awe-inspiring assortment of awesome V friends…

Rainbow Brite.

Rainbow Brite

 By Andrew Jeffrey Wright at Philly’s Space 1026.  More art at: